About us

Republic was started in Los Angeles in 2007 and specializes in motion design & animation for advertising, digital, broadcast, film, and interactive.

We opened our Shanghai studio in the summer of 2008 because we wanted to deliver international standards of creativity, design, and production for our clients in China.
We combine the talents of our China team with international creative direction and leadership to produce the perfect package of innovative visuals, quality assurance, technical capability, and client support.
  • Design


    Great work comes from great design. We work closely with your creatives to bring their ideas to reality with talented designers, illustrators and technicians.

  • Quality


    Our in-house animation team in Shanghai has been with us since 2008 and they’re able to meet the exacting levels of quality and artistry you expect from any international studio.

  • Versatility


    In addition to our own artists, we also have a network of international directors and studios with strengths in 2D, 3D and VFX. This pipeline allows us to execute multiple styles and methods and push through tough timelines.

  • China Experience


    We have been working in China for over a decade. Trust us, we know how demanding projects in this market can be. We know how each and every project feels fast and high-stakes and we do our best to help exceed those high expectations.

New York

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934 Nanjing West Road, Ste. 406

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